Business plans are a waste of time. Unless they are based upon substance, updated and above all else implemented. This month sees the launch of the new business planning tool – Your Business Success!

Planning Can Make a World of Difference

All to often, Exponential Training finds that smaller businesses fail to plan – by failing to plan, they are unwittingly planning to fail!

The problem for most entrepreneurs is deciding where to start and how to write the plan. In many cases, they find on-line strategic business planning systems too complex or sophisticated. That is one of the reasons Exponential along with its European partners decided to develop Your Business Success.

As with all good business plans, YBS starts with helping you to define your vision. Then by following a step-by-step approach using the YBS top tips and advice you build up your plan. Once completed you continue using YBS to monitor and up-date your plan.

YBS is based on an old saying that ‘plans are nothing, but planning is everything’. Recognising that we now live in an ever-changing world, it is essential to understand that today’s plan is out of date next week. The days of preparing a one-off business plan have gone – planning is now a continuous process.

Using Your Business Plan, you will develop a broad, visionary plan that will inspire and motivate you and your team. You will have a rolling one-year operating plan supported by lots of mini business project plans. By delegating the mini plans to team members and reviewing and updating them at team meetings, we are all engaged in the plan, you can use Your Business Success to track your company’s progress and if necessary you can change direction and resource levels very quickly.

Business plans should be concise, based upon market research and full of practical things to do and actions. By using Your Business Success, your business plan will be a live, dynamic entity and NOT a nice looking tome sitting unused on a bookcase.