COVID-19 has no doubt changed the course of this year in more ways than we could’ve ever imagined, but we are even more determined to make 2020 a fantastic year for the YBS project.

By finding online ways through which to come together and collaborate on project activities, YBS partners led by the University of Porto, Portugal proceeded executing on core tasks in order to finalize the development of the intellectual outputs under this Erasmus+ project.

This effort included an YBS project online training, organized by the Greek partner Best Cybernetics on 30.06.2020 via the ZOOM platform.

The training aimed at presenting and testing the YBS Business Planning Tool, developed under the project.

Partnering organizations from Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, UK, and the Netherlands were involved in the training in order to acquaint themselves with and test the tool’s added functionality and its new features before piloting the tool in September, 2020.