Your Business Success (YBS) is a new and exciting Erasmus+ project involving Exponential Training & Assessment. The aim of YBS project is to enable aspiring entrepreneurs and business owner/managers to develop practical and performance-focused business plans using a new on-line tool.

Small Business Do Not Plan

Research shows that smaller enterprises are much less likely than larger enterprises to prepare a formal, written plan. However, research also shows that enterprises with clear business plans grow at a much faster rate than those without a plan. Most of the businesses that fail do not have a plan or have an out-of-date plan or do not follow their plan. It is madness to set up a business and not to have a working plan, so why is it the case that most small businesses do not have a current plan that they follow.

The answer is two-fold Firstly, many do not know and understand how to prepare and review an effective business plan. Secondly, most small businesses are so busy doing and surviving that they find it hard to make the time to plan and to review their plan.

Virtually every business start-up seminar and training course from Leicester in the UK to Sofia in Bulgaria includes business planning. The problem is business planning is a continuous process and NOT a one-off activity or task to be signed-off. Until entrepreneurs, business support trainers and enterprise agencies understand that business plans are about processes, learning, reviewing and up-dating, then more businesses will fail.

This new Erasmus+ project will create a new digital business planning and management tool. It will not only help participants to prepare business plans, but it will enable entrepreneurs to connect business objectives linked to operational plans, VET training and people’s skills, competences and performance targets.

To accompany this new tool will be a new training course called Your Business Success. Used together, the YBS tool and course will transform the way entrepreneurs plan and manage their business. The tool and training course will be piloted in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece late 2019.

After the piloting, partners will publish a best practice handbook packed with examples of enterprises using the YBS tool and methodology as well as many practical tools and techniques to help make your business a success!

If you are thinking about starting up your own business or already run one and want to super-charge it, then contact us today and be among the first to benefit from Your Business Success.